What Every Parent Needs to Know

 What Every Parent Needs to Know 

Understanding and engaging with your child… even the tricky bits

 What Every Parent Should Know – This course is packed full of all the information that every parent should know, and the support you need to effectively use it.  From the important things you need to be doing with your child from day one, to the truth behind things you have always wondered about.

When should I be firm, and when should my child have a voice?

Through its engaging style of delivery it will allow you to make informed decisions with confidence.  And support you to implement practices now that will impact your child’s development for all the years to come.

How can I make a difference?

Whether expecting your first child, or managing your sixth experience of the teenage years, parenting can be both an exciting and terrifying prospect, in equal measures.  But to parent your child with consistency and conviction, you need to understand the fundamentals.

And what are the most important things to get right?

While no two children are the same, nor for that matter are two days with them, trusted, knowledgeable advice will allow you to make informed decisions about your child and carry out consistent techniques with confidence.

Session Outline

One – Understanding your child

Two – Good practices from the start

Three – What kind of parent do you want to be?

Four – Taking advice and making changes

Five – Playing with your child

Six – Early communication with your child             

Seven – Time for sleep

Eight – Time to get physical

Nine – Healthy eating

Ten – Best resources, toys and games to buy

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“They need you to recognise their emotions and behaviours with patience as they translate all the rich detail around them into appropriate responses.”