The Secure Child

The Secure Child

Managing emotions, behaviour and the teenage years

The Secure Child – We all want our child to feel secure.  And your child’s behaviours, along with the emotions that trigger them are a very real part of this, just like they are for all of us.  

Why does my child behave the way they do? 

These emotions will be experienced positively through happiness, love, and joy.  As well as through negative emotions of fear, anger or jealousy.  

How do I stop them from getting so upset?

And felt at the right time, and to the right extent, these emotions are a natural, healthy, and necessary part of growing up that we want our secure child to experience with care and guidance.  

And how do I manage the emotional meltdown in the supermarket?

The trouble comes however, when these emotions are not managed.

Session Outline

One – Understanding your child’s emotions

Two – Helping your child to manage their emotions

Three – Managing emotions in a social world

Four – Smacks, Stickers or Smiles; The behaviour management debate

Five – Understanding your child’s behaviour

Six – Managing your child’s behaviour

Seven – Coping with emotional outbursts, aka the temper tantrum

Eight – Developing the confidence to think and express themselves

Nine – Understanding your teenager

Ten – Screen time

Other Courses Available

Understanding and engaging with your child, even the tricky bits.

Raising a happy, confident and resilient child.

Giving your child every opportunity to engage in learning and thrive in school.

“At a time when your child is learning how to manage their body, their feelings, and their emotions they need careful understanding, with informed guidance and support.”