The Learning Child

The Learning Child

Giving your child every opportunity to engage in learning and thrive in school

The Learning Child – We all want to give our child the greatest chances in life. And nowhere is this more pronounced than when considering their learning.

When you think about your child’s future education and development, and how you can offer them the greatest positive impact, you may be convinced by promises of accelerated learning.

However, a more successful area of focus is to see your child’s passion for learning ignite.

 But of course, your child needs little encouragement to learn – they have been compelled to do it since before they were born. The trouble comes when our focus is on something different to what they want to be learning in this moment.

What does learning mean in during early childhood?

 This course will help you understand the important learning that is occurring during your child’s first years. And the practices you can introduce throughout their early childhood to offer huge positive impact on their development.

What can I do from day one to promote my child’s literacy, numeracy and lifelong learning?

You will also be supported in giving your child every opportunity to engage in the rich learning opportunities they need now to thrive in school, and beyond.

 And how can I give my child the best start – and keep them learning in school?

 With an interest in their world and confidence in their abilities, allow your child’s deep-rooted motivations to flourish. Ensure their complex processes of learning and development are given the time they need to thrive. And do all of this from day one.

Session Outline

One – Supporting your child’s learning

Two – Supporting lifelong learning with your baby

Three – Supporting lifelong learning with your toddler

Four – Supporting lifelong learning in the years before school

Five – Preparing for school

Six – Learning to read

Seven – Getting mathematical

Eight – Supporting your school child at home

Nine – Motivation and achieving goals

Ten – Passing the test; IQ, ability or approach

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“Engagement is more than being willing to discover and learn, it involves a deep interest and involvement in their world.”