The Accreditation

A Setting Improvement Plan

Offering the key adults within every child's life the knowledge, understanding and support required to nurture and develop every child’s full potential.

The Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation is underpinned by the Department for Education (England) Professional Development Standards, and follows a setting-based action-research model, designed to support knowledge and understanding, while being driven by the specific needs of the setting. 

The standards are discussed through focused reflections at the beginning of each session and used to tailor its content.  Following the session, every practitioner will be instrumental in formulating the actions that result from it. 

In this way, ownership is retained by those implementing the change, ensuring it is rooted in the specific needs of the children it is designed to support.  

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Mirroring the content and format of the Nurturing Childhoods parenting courses, the Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation is underpinned by; 

  • What everyone working with children should know
  • The Secure Child
  • The Happy Child 
  • The Learning Child

Designed over three levels of accreditation, you will be supported to Create Nurturing Childhoods, Develop Nurturing Childhoods and Embed Nurturing Childhoods.  Each of these levels consist of twelve training sessions, offering you continuous professional development, reflection and action.  All designed to suit the needs of your setting. 

Each session is structured using the same format of Introduction; Knowledge; Understanding and Support – with the suggestions of support being firmly rooted in the preceding sections.  

With each session addressing a specific focus, rooted in pedagogical content and knowledge of the care and education of children in the early years, development consistently builds and develops over time.  

And once combined with the tailored focus and development of the team, translates into realised improvements that consistently develop in line with the settings needs and external requirements.

What’s more, it is the only accreditation that offers parents the same knowledge, understanding and support through their own suit of online materials.     

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Nurturing Childhoods

Developing Nurturing Childhoods

Embedding Nurturing Childhoods

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