Feelings – the bodies motivators

To understand your child’s outward displays of behaviour, you must take a step back and remind yourself of what is at the root of them – their feelings and emotions. Neither good nor bad, these motivators for the body are driving your child’s behaviours even before they don’t understand them.

Five steps to managing your child’s anxieties

Does your child worry about things, causing difficult emotions? We can all feel anxious about different things in our lives. But before your child’s anxieties stop them from grasping some great opportunities, help them to manage their anxieties with some simple steps to managing your child’s anxieties.

Recognising the emotions of our friends

Recognising emotions in others and imagining how that person is feeling is all about empathy. And while your child may feel deeply wounded by the actions and comments of others from a very young age, their empathy is not well developed until they are around seven years old. Recognising the emotions of our friends is important in friendships. But for children struggling to recognise their own, this can be tough. Learn how to support your child through these tricky processes.