child anxiety

Five steps to managing your child’s anxieties

Does your child worry about things, causing difficult emotions? We can all feel anxious about different things in our lives. But before your child’s anxieties stop them from grasping some great opportunities, help them to manage their anxieties with some simple steps to managing your child’s anxieties.

Should you worry about your child’s anxiety

In my work I am seeing more and more adults who seem to have lost the art of play, coming to me unsure of how to act, their role within the play, or concerned for when things did not go as expected. While no child needs to be taught how to play – they will make fun with the most limited of means – they do need permission. And they need adults who understand its importance

Can you help a child to feel less anxious

Anxiety is our bodies way of recognising danger and, through triggering the fight-flight-or-fright responses, getting us back to safety. Felt in its proper place, anxiety, is perfectly normal. It can become a serious problem however when it becomes uncontrolled, when it is constant, or it is affecting daily life.