Nurturing Childhoods

School Advisory

Support and CPD for your school or setting  

Tailored packages of support and CPD to support teachers, management teams and governing bodies 

Support and CPD for your school or setting –  Working with staff teams in settings and classrooms, Nurturing Childhoods will help you to reflect on current practice and support your onward journey.  Through school advisory and CPD work, support is available through online courses and in person.  Helping you in establishing new ideas, developing existing provision and supporting every child to excel.  You can read more here.

School Advisory and CPD

 How do you encourage children to engage?

How do you motivate their learning?

How can every child reach their full potential?

Children are born inquisitive, passionate learners.  You see this every time they become fascinated by the splash of a puddle.  Or transfixed by the movement of a ladybird.  So why is it then that once in the school environment, these natural instincts for learning can decline? 

Teach with the practices your children need to experience.  

Finding themselves in a busy, fast paced classroom, natural instincts and behaviours can become misinterpreted.  Seen as fidgety, unfocused or disruptive, negative experiences quickly follow.  And negative spirals can, for many, soon become a reality.   

Understand the experiences that are fueling your children’s behaviours. 

Following a multi-generational doctoral study into children’s engagement in learning, resources are now available.  

An Early Years Accreditation to support the foundational Features of Lifelong Learning (Peckham, 2017).  

And new for 2021, MICE (Method of Improved Childhood Engagement) and TOADs programme for primary school practice.

These packages support teachers, management teams and governing bodies.  Firstly by promoting the importance of underpinning dispositions, or features of learning.  And then secondly, by showing them the impact of previous experiences of learning.  Illustrating the difference when teaching practices adapt to the experiences children need. 

With changes that can be put in place straight away, children’s engagement in learning is seen to improve.  If you think your child’s school could benefit from any of these packages, please contact me to arrange a consultation.