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Published Books and Articles

A highly acclaimed author and researcher, Dr Kathryn Peckham has published all over the world

Some of Kathryn’s published books and articles are indicated below  

Kathryn has contributed to  many papers submitted to parliament.  She has carried out research for various governments and contributed to key publications including Birth to Five Matters.  Kathryn has also written for world renowned publications. As well as writing and developing training programmes and curricular for Africa and China.  And her books appear on many university reading lists, as well as being well received by families all over the world.


Shortlisted for Best Professional Book by Nursery World Awards 2017

Quality in the Early Years: An English Perspective

Papers Submitted to Parliament

Published Articles

Childcare & Education EXPO. February 2018

Journal of Health Visiting, Vol 5, No7, 2017

20+ articles published in Nursery World Magazine