Parenting Courses

Courses that offer you the knowledge, understanding and support to parent with confidence and consistency.

While no two children are the same, the fundamental processes of growth and development that guide them are.

As your child moves through the early days of infancy, they will establish a sense of themselves ready to explore the physical freedoms of becoming a toddler. A little older, and the social freedoms of peer groups and friendships add to the mix. Parenting at any age involves its own challenges and rewards as development occurs on a continuum. Combined, these four courses give you the knowledge, understanding and support you need, whether your child is 16 days or 16 years old.

Hours of Recordings - Hundreds of Resources - Print outs to keep

Underpinned by research and current thinking in the fields of child development, psychology, health and well-being, we will explore the nature of your developing child and use this to inform the discussions, recommendations and advice that is offered. As your understanding of your growing child develops, so too will your awareness and patience of their actions and behaviours, allowing you to manage them more effectively and support them more genuinely.


Knowledge of how your child is developing and the processes their bodies and minds are going through. 


Understanding how your actions, comments and decisions affect your child’s responses now and in the future.


Supported with advice you can trust, you can parent with confidence and consistency.
Informed through current research and experience

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