NCA – What does it cost?

The Nurturing Childhood Accreditation

Offering the key adults within every child’s life the knowledge, understanding and support required to nurture and develop every child’s full potential.

What does it cost?

Setting wide wrap-around CPD from less than £50 per month

12 months of setting wide, focused CPD, underpinned by robust evidence and expertise.  

Through your own online portal, you will have access to 12 online courses and a package of materials designed to support internal reflection of your practice.  

36 downloadable templates will allow you to tailor your actions and evaluations and chart your progress.  You will also receive a certificate once each level is complete.

All the support, guidance and materials contained within Pathway One, with the addition of a dedicated early years expert.

This independent mentor will support you with any questions you may have and will help guide your progress as you complete each of the training sessions.

They will also be on hand to review your Accreditation Assessment Portfolio.

Pathway Two together with an Accreditation Assessment Portfolio review, assessment visit and final assessment report.

If you are looking to become a Nurturing Childhoods Setting, you will submit a completed Accreditation Assessment Portfolio at the end of each level you complete.  

This will consist of 12 completed action plans with the reflections that informed them and the impact of them.  Shortly after submission you will have an onsite visit, followed by a report. 

On completion of every level of the Accreditation, you will receive a certificate, demonstrating your commitment to 12 months of focused and continual professional development.  

On successful completion of the assessment and site visit, you will also receive a personalised, engraved plaque.  For you to display, this will demonstrate the work you have done to Create Nurturing Childhoods; Develop Nurturing Childhoods or Embed Nurturing Childhoods within your setting.

You will also receive the Nurturing Childhoods logo to display on your website, email footer and setting stationery. 

Comprehensive packages of training and materials offer you the knowledge, understanding and support to identify what you are doing well.  

They allow you to review and audit your practice with directed reflection and debate, supporting you to effectively chose the direction you need to further develop. 

The materials guide you to consistently translate these reflections into improvements that are realised in the experiences of your children.  

And at every level, the 12 monthly CPD sessions span the four modules of the parenting courses allowing you to work with your families as you keep children at the centre of all you do.

Every setting is different. You may simply be looking for some support with CPD that you feel a part of.

Professional development that encourages reflection and debate with staff.

And has a demonstrated impact on practice, both within the setting and in the outcomes of your children.

You may need some additional support with an expert on hand.  

Ready to ensure you are making the most of every session.  But perhaps without the full accreditation process

At every level, simply select the package of support that you require for your setting and lets get started.

Or you may be looking at becoming a Nurturing Childhood setting with the Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation.

The only accreditation with an accompanying set of online materials for your parents.

Creating Nurturing Childhoods

Developing Nurturing Childhoods

Embedding Nurturing Childhoods

At every level, pick the pathway that is right for you

Pathway One ~ £550

Pathway Two ~ £950

Pathway Three ~ £1,450

Pathway One ~ £650

Pathway Two ~ £1,050

Pathway Three ~ £1,550

Pathway One ~ £750

Pathway Two ~ £1,150

Pathway Three ~ £1,650


Knowledge of how your child is developing and the processes their bodies and minds are going through. 


Understanding how your actions, comments and decisions affect your child’s responses now and in the future.


Supported with advice you can trust, you can parent with confidence and consistency.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.