NCA – School Readiness or Lifelong Learning

School readiness can be a tricky thing to talk about in the early years.  Gain the support you need to give your children the start they need.

Our online courses help you to know and understand children, while supporting you to care with confidence and consistency. 


Offer children the experiences that make all the difference

As a practitioner, manager and director of early years settings, my biggest frustration was being asked to expect things of children that they simply were not ready for.

Struggling to find an alternative approach, I was asked to write a book. 

The course to compliment the book

Does this sound familiar to you?

Misguided expectations can dent a child’s confidence and cause great frustrations for all involved.  But it also takes time away from all the important things children need to be doing.

And now, following the success of these approaches here and abroad, is the accompanying course.

Through these sessions you will gain the support you need as you reflect on your practice.  Making informed decisions that are right for you, your children and your setting.

School readiness is a tricky thing to talk about in the early years.  On the one hand, we value these years as something separate to school. And yet, studies show that children attending a ‘quality setting’ do so much better when they transition.

Because of this, thoughts can become focused on what it means to be prepared for school.  And while being ready for this transition is so important, this process can often be misunderstood – and misused.

The experiences children receive during these foundational years DO impact their growth and development tremendously. With knock on effects felt throughout their education and on into adult life. But this is not simply about knowing letters and numbers.

Give yourself the time to fully embrace effective practices as you work together to embrace a unified approach.

Worksheets, handouts and posters provide the support you need to communicate your new approaches with your parents and visitors. 

And with tie-in courses available for parents, and further training and accreditations for you, these sessions will support you to as you nurture all your children during their early years.

Accreditation - how long will it take

Children love to learn. Keen to explore new skills from day one!

Whether this is learning to walk, to talk or get their hands on any exciting experience.  

Yet when classroom learning begins, this love of learning and enquiry can diminish.

So why is it children are rushed headlong into classroom learning?

Turning motivation, curiosity and independence.  Into disengagement, indifference and doubt.

Nurture the features of lifelong learning in your children

Learn to identify these features in your children from birth.  Value them, nurture them and help your children to utilise them.

And celebrate your settings approach to nurturing the skills of lifelong learning.

Course Outline

One – Where the confusion came from

Two – What do children need?

Three – How do we encourage children to learn?

Four – Developing School Readiness in babies

Five – Developing School Readiness in toddlers

Five – Developing School Readiness in the years before school

How you can use this course

This course consists of 5 sessions, written to offer you all the knowledge, understanding and support you need. 

Designed to be delivered over five evenings of CPD, or a couple of days training. 

Allowing you and your your team to collectively learn, discuss and develop throughout your practice.  

What makes this course different

Supported by cutting edge research, each session is underpinned by the Department for Education CPD Standards.

Online sessions allow you to arrange training for a time and place that suits you.  In the environments you are developing.

With all the course materials you need to embed your new approaches.

Who this course is for

Sessions focus on the baby, toddler and preschool ages and are written for all staff at all levels.

Allowing you to work together as you embrace a unified approach. 

And with direct links to the Parenting Courses, you can work with your families to offer children the experiences they need to flourish. 

As you work through the sessions and participate in discussions, you will come to realise the practices you need to celebrate – and gain the help you need to challenge others.

Supported to reflect on your practice, use these sessions to structure the constructive developments you can make.

You will even get a certificate for completing the course. So lets get started.


Getting to know the standards and the benefits of a Nurturing Childhoods course

Underpinned by the DfE Professional Development Standards, each session is structured to offer you the knowledge, understanding and support you need to re-examine your practice with confidence. 

With activities for you to work through, and questions to challenge your current thinking.

One month access ~ £150

If you would like to use the course to refresh your teams practice, purchase for one month and share the sessions together.

Six month access ~ £450

If you would like to give yourselves time to implement the suggestions, you can purchase the Six month package. 

Two year access ~ £750

Alternatively, to fully embed Lifelong Learning into your practice, purchase the 24 month package.   

Become a Nurturing Childhoods Partner and access setting wide, wrap-around CPD

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