NCA – How relevant is it for us?

The Nurturing Childhood Accreditation

Offering the key adults within every child’s life the knowledge, understanding and support required to nurture and develop every child’s full potential.

How is it relevant for us?

Every setting is different. Some areas of practice will be more securely embedded than others.

During a joint inspection, OFSTED will look to understand how effective your settings professional development programme is for practitioners.

They will gather evidence of the effectiveness of training and continuing professional development, and the impact this has on children’s well-being, learning and development (112).

This will include how effectively CPD is implemented.  Whether you are a single childminder or a large chain with a team of leaders.

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‘’Providers must support staff to undertake appropriate training and professional development opportunities to ensure they offer quality learning and development experiences for children that continually improves.’’

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage
(EYFS) (2021; 3.21)

Inspectors will consider how effectively your performance management is implemented.

They will look at how you understand your strengths and identify your areas for improvement.

And how you use this information to identify the focus of professional development activities.

With particular attention to children’s experiences and outcomes.

Achieving Outstanding

“To secure an Outstanding judgement, a setting needs to demonstrate that focused and highly effective professional development is in place. The focus of any CPD needs to be effectively chosen. And its subject, pedagogical content and knowledge must consistently build and develop over time. This development must then consistently translate into improvements that are realised in children’s experiences of the curriculum.”

Early years inspection handbook for Ofsted-registered provision
(Updated 28 June 2021)

You need to take ownership of the CPD process and to direct documented progress in line with your desired outcomes

Every stage of the Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation is driven and personalised by the staff teams and settings using them.

Because of this, the improvements it drives are directly targeted to your needs.

Through the reflections it prompts, it offers you the opportunity to celebrate your strengths and enhance your practice.

And it supports you to identify and manage highly effective professional development for your teams.

Some areas of development will require more immediate attention or you may have known targets. 

Some staff will have greater interest in reflecting on their practice in different areas.

Some staff may need additional support to embed practice in certain areas.

There is then the flexibility to spend longer on some sessions than others. And to target areas requiring more immediate action.

Through its action research approach, you can identify the immediate and ongoing improvements that children are experiencing.

The ownership of who is doing what and when is very much in the hands of your staff team.

Ready to match the requirements of your setting and the interests and needs of your staff teams.  Allowing for the outcomes being realised to be rooted in the individual needs of your children and families.   

The only accreditation offering parents the same knowledge, understanding and support through their own suit of online materials.

Mirroring the content and format of the Nurturing Childhoods parenting courses, the Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation is underpinned by; 

Offering children the opportunity to be surrounded by adults who understand the value of their early years and the experiences that make all the difference.  And adults the opportunity to understand one another.

At every level, pick the pathway that is right for you

Developing Nurturing Childhoods

Pathway One ~ £650

Pathway Two ~ £1,050

Pathway Three ~ £1,550

Embedding Nurturing Childhoods

Pathway One ~ £750

Pathway Two ~ £1,150

Pathway Three ~ £1,650


Knowledge of how your child is developing and the processes their bodies and minds are going through. 


Understanding how your actions, comments and decisions affect your child’s responses now and in the future.


Supported with advice you can trust, you can parent with confidence and consistency.

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