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The Nurturing Childhood Accreditation

A Setting Improvement Plan

From less than £50 per month for setting wide wrap-around CPD...

Developing Nurturing Childhoods

Pathway One ~ £650

Pathway Two ~ £1,050

Pathway Three ~ £1,550

Embedding Nurturing Childhoods

Pathway One ~ £750

Pathway Two ~ £1,150

Pathway Three ~ £1,650

At every level, pick the pathway that is right for you

Pathway One - Internal CPD and development

12 months of setting wide, focused CPD, underpinned by robust evidence and expertise.  

Through your own online portal, you will have access to 12 online courses and a package of materials designed to support internal reflection of your practice.  

36 downloadable templates will allow you to tailor your actions and evaluations and chart your progress.  You will also receive a certificate once each level is complete.

Pathway Two -
One to One support

All the support, guidance and materials contained within Pathway One, with the addition of a dedicated early years expert.

This independent mentor will support you with any questions you may have and will help guide your progress as you complete each of the training sessions.

They will also be on hand to review your Accreditation Assessment Portfolio.

Pathway Three - Assessment and visit

Accreditation Assessment Portfolio review, assessment visit and final assessment report.

If you are looking to become a Nurturing Childhoods Setting, you will submit a completed Accreditation Assessment Portfolio at the end of each level you complete.  

This will consist of 12 completed action plans with the reflections that informed them and the impact of them.  Shortly after submission you will have an onsite visit, followed by a report. 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.