NCA – Developing School Readiness

What is School Readiness all about…
and how do you get your parents on the same page?

Our online courses help you to know and understand children, while supporting you to care with confidence and consistency. 


Each one of us will have different ideas of what School Readiness means. Is it about being able to change for PE, to know your numbers up to 20 or being able to sit still for the length of a lesson? And who is driving these preparations – your feeder schools, the wishes of your parents or a policy that’s been around for years?

During their early years you are doing so much more than preparing your children for the day they transition into their school classroom.

You are preparing them for all of their tomorrows – wherever that may take them.

Academically, socially, emotionally and as an inspired, eager human being ready to take on the world and everything in it.

Working with young children you will already know and believe this. But how do you go about doing it in practice? And how do you convince parents – and visitors – that what you are doing is so much more important than driving children’s actions towards some pre-determined or prescribed goals?

Check out this FREE introduction to thinking about the root of School Readiness. And get ready to identify and celebrate all the steps you are taking to develop your children.

Not as preparation for a different time and place, but as a lifelong process that has started long before they reach the baby room.

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