Helping your child feel competent, confident and worthy

Helping your child feel to feel competent confident and worthy can be tricky things to wrap your head around.  Especially in the early years, but this is when these processes are taking root.

When your child was born, they had no concept of themselves as a separate person.  They will develop this sense of being someone different over time as they develop the thinking, emotions, and behaviours they need. You will recognise this when everything becomes “Mine!” And proudly telling you, “Me do it!”.

Your child is learning from every experience their environment is offering them

By allowing our children these opportunities to do things for themselves, they develop a sense of personal power. Firstly by feeling what their bodies can do and then by developing confidence in their abilities.

Later will come experiences of managing their environment and selecting their own goals. And it is through these experiences that their self-esteem and resilience flourishes.   

During these first years, they begin to see themselves as a separate person

Through this session we will look at supporting your child through the opportunities, engagements and interactions you offer. And look at ways of supporting your child to establish a sense of competence, confidence and worthiness.

This session is taken from our course: The Happy Child

Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, author and researcher and the founder of Nurturing Childhoods.  Providing all the knowledge, understanding and support you need to nurture your growing child.


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