Empowering resilient children

Empowering resilient children is the unarguable goal of any parent.  Even if you don’t realise it, have never heard of it or given it much thought until now.

Resilience is our capacity to thrive, despite whatever difficult circumstances that may come our way.  It allows us to overcome adversity. It allows us to continue functioning, despite challenging circumstances. And it allows us to rebound after we have experienced trauma.

Every parent wants to empower resilience in their children

But this means very different things to different people.  It may depend on the needs of your environment, the personality of your child or the circumstances you don’t yet know you will be facing.  But to a child who can feel powerless at the best of times, their need for resilience becomes even more apparent. 

Even if you have never given it much thought.

Research shows that the most significant factor in a child’s feelings of safety and happiness is their relationships within the home.  This session will then look at how you can value and foster this resilience in your child.

This session is taken from our course: The Happy Child

Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, author and researcher and the founder of Nurturing Childhoods.  Providing all the knowledge, understanding and support you need to nurture your growing child.   www.nurturingchildhoods.co.uk


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