Early communication with your child

However old your child may be, good communication is of great importance.  And early communication with your child is a skill that is so important, it is the first to develop.  Even during their first moments after birth, your child will be attempting to communicate with you.

How you communicate with your child tells your child they are loved and valued

Beyond conversation, communication allows your child to establish a sense of their self-esteem and personal identity. And this begin during infancy.  As your child experiences different times within their lives, their needs will change.  Firstly you will experience the frustrations of the toddler years. You will then need to negotiate the friendship dilemmas of pre-teens before managing the complexities of adolescents. 

Through your body language and facial expressions, how you greet them, hold them and the tone of your voice

Through these sessions we will look at keeping these vital paths of communication open. But in this session we are going to look at the importance of early communication. And the enriched opportunities you can offer with the small changes you can make from day one.

This session is taken from our course: What Every Parent Should Know

Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, author and researcher and the founder of Nurturing Childhoods.  Providing all the knowledge, understanding and support you need to nurture your growing child.   www.nurturingchildhoods.co.uk


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