Module 1

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What Every Parent Needs to Know –
Trusted and knowledgeable advice for all parents

Estimated Time: 10 x 30 minute sessions

What is this module all about?

Parenting is both an exciting and terrifying prospect. This is true whether you are expecting your first child, or managing your sixth experience of the teenage years.  And while no two children are the same, every parent needs trusted, knowledgeable advice they can depend on. The talks in this series will then help you to understand your child. As they help you face every parenting decision, they will do so with the information you need to make the best decisions for your family. And with a greater awareness of your child and the things that really matter, they will support you to carry out consistent techniques with confidence.

Difficulties every parent needs to know the answers to

We will also look at key concerns that face every parent. With talks such as Time to sleep we will look at how to manage nighttime routines and sleepless nights in your home. We will also focus on making sure your child is fit and healthy. We will do this by looking at physical exercise, healthy eating and the need to get outside. But through the informative style of these talks, you will be given more than simple suggestions or expectations. You will be given the knowledge to understand why things can become tricky in the first place, and what you can do about it.

By the end of this course

What every parent should know. Through these talks you will have everything you need to think about how you parent. You will also learn about your child’s growing body and mind. And you will be able to use this understanding to make informed parenting decisions that are right for you. Through the support offered, you will recognise the little things that make the biggest differences as your child grows. And with the knowledge gained, you will be ready to embrace these precious years as you communicate, engage and play with your child with confidence.

When should I be firm, and when should my child have a voice?

How can I make a difference?

And what are the most important things to get right?