Module 2

The Secure Child –
Managing emotions, behaviour and the teenage years

Estimated Time: 10 x 30 minute sessions

What is this module all about?

Right from day one, your child’s emotions are a very real part of their everyday life. But this is no different than for the rest of us.  We experience these emotions through great happiness, love, and joy. And we may also experience fear, anger or jealousy. When we feel our emotions at the right time, and to the right extent, they are natural and healthy. They are a necessary part of growing up that we want our children to experience.  But the trouble comes however, when our emotions are not well managed. 

Difficulties you might be facing helping your child feel secure

So, how do you go about managing these emotions in your child? Especially when they are resulting in difficult behaviours? And of all the techniques you hear, how do you know what will work for your child? Or is not going to do them more harm than good in the long term?

By the end of this course

Through these talks you will learn why your child is behaving the way that they are. You will then learn how to recognise the triggers. And to manage them before they spill over into full blown tantrums. You will also learn ways of helping your child to understand their own bodies as they recognise their reactions. And you will develop methods together that will keep their confidence and self-worth in tact. As we also look towards the teenage years, we will look at evolving these techniques as your child gets older. Ensuring your child remains secure in themselves throughout these difficult years.

Why does my child behave the way they do? 

How do I stop them from getting so upset?

And how do I manage the emotional meltdown in the supermarket?