Module 4

The Learning Child –
Encouraging learning and thriving in school

Estimated Time: 10 x 30 minute sessions

What is this module all about?

When we think of learning, we often think of a school child. But of course, learning begins years before the school gates. In fact, it even begins before birth. Firstly, just think of everything they are learning in these first years. For instance, they are learning how to manage their bodies that are changing every day. They are learning to speak a new language. And they are learning about all the things their bodies can do. But perhaps most importantly, they are learning how to act within a social world of strange sensations, experiences and expectations. To give your child every opportunity to engage in their learning and thrive when they get to school there is so much you need to do. 

Difficulties you might be facing helping your child’s learning

If you want to offer your child the greatest positive impact on their education and development, you may be convinced by promises to accelerate these processes.  However, a more successful area of focus is to see your child’s passion for learning ignite.  If you can firstly help them develop an interest in their world and confidence in their abilities, deep rooted motivations will flourish. Complex processes of learning will then be far easier. And the time and effort they need to thrive will be more forthcoming.  And all this starts from day one.

By the end of this course

Through these talks you will learn how to support motivated learning in your child. But you will also learn what self-motivated learning is all about. With a deeper understanding of how children learn, we will firstly look at how you can support this in your baby. Next, we will look at the learning needs of your toddler before focusing on the years before school. We will also explore the simple things you can do to support your child’s literacy and numeracy – from day one. And we will also look at the support you can offer once your child starts learning in the school classroom. With the support offered in these talks you can offer your child the small changes that will make a huge difference to their ability to learn, and their attitudes towards it.

What does learning mean in during early childhood?

What can I do from day one to promote my child’s literacy, numeracy and lifelong learning?

 And how can I give my child the best start – and keep them learning in school?