Module 3

The Happy Child
Raising a happy confident and resilient child

Estimated Time: 10 x 30 minute sessions

What is this module all about?

When your child was born, they had no understanding of themselves as a separate person. It does then take time to develop a sense of being someone different, and a great many careful experiences along the way. During these talks we will then look at the mental and emotional changes that are happening. We will also look at the behaviours you might be seeing and the early signs of anxiety to look out for.

Difficulties you might be facing helping your child to be happy

We will also look at difficulties you might be facing as your child begins seeing themselves as a separate person. With stress a part of everyone’s life, feelings of guilt or anxiety simply add to this. With children showing higher levels of anxiety and stress than ever before, they are then facing a future of great uncertainty. And with declining mental health and well-being becoming a global concern, these effects will be seen for years to come.

By the end of this course

Through these talks you will then learn how to take back control, reducing feelings of anxiety in your child. You will also learn how to support them as they make friends, guiding them through the inevitable conflicts. And to recognise signs of bullying. We will also look at how praise and reward makes a huge difference to children’s sense of self and worth. And how this can be positive or negative as they develop confidence in themselves as a person. With the support offered in these talks you can then help your child become happy, confident and resilient for all the years to come.

How can I look after my children’s happiness and well-being? 

Are there simple things I can put in place to make a real difference? 

And what can I do to support my child’s confidence now and into the future?