“School Readiness”… Or Lifelong Learning? – Ongoing Continual Professional Development

“School Readiness” or lifelong learning will help you explore where the confusion surrounding school readiness has come from. Helping you to refocus attention back on the formative growth and development occurring during the early years. And bring your attentions – and that of your parents – back where it needs to be. 

School Readiness… or lifelong learning? Course Information


This course consists of 6 sessions, with lots of activities and discussion opportunities.  Each would work well as a series of 1 hour evening sessions, or collectively across two days of training. 

You will explore how learning is a fundamental part of life from day one. School readiness… or lifelong learning looks at your practice in the baby room, the toddler room and in preschool. As you learn that trying to nurture all the skills this requires in the months before school… is leaving things years too late.

With action plans to drive improvements throughout the setting; handouts to support communication with your parents, and certificates for completion. You will have all you need to make a real difference in your setting.

Underpinned by DfE Professional Development Standards

Each session is structured to offer you the knowledge, understanding and support you need to re-examine your practice with confidence.  With activities for you to work through, and questions to challenge your current thinking, it will help you to reflect.

Certificate of Attendance

As you work through the sessions and participate in discussions, you will come to realise the practices you need to celebrate – and gain the help you need to challenge others.  

Ready for more?

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Course Instructor

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