Nurturing Learning Children – Ongoing Continual Professional Development

Nurturing Learning Children will support you and your team to fully ignite and nurture children’s passions for learning. With an interest in their world and confidence in their abilities. Through these talks you will then gain support as you reflect on your practice; and be guided as you use these reflections. Making informed decisions that are right for you, your children and your setting.

It can be difficult managing expectations of children’s learning.  Whether this is concern for Learning Goals or a parent’s unrealistic expectations of what their child should be doing. But of course, children need little encouragement to learn; they have been compelled to do it since before they were born.  The trouble comes when our focus becomes misguided.

In Nurturing Learning Children, we will then look at the deep impact you are having on children’s learning and development; through all the age groups.  To do this, we will look at the important processes of learning establishing in the early years. And value this time in its own right; not as preparation or acceleration into stages yet to come.

Learning is something we do throughout life. And while its focus may change, the motivations and processes of learning established in childhood, remain.  And this starts from day one. We will then look at Supporting lifelong learning with babies, With toddlers, and In the years before school. And as you gain the support you need, you will be ready to challenge unhelpful demands.

The Nurturing Childhoods Format

Rooted in child development, each session follows the Nurturing Childhoods format of Knowledge, Understanding and Support. Because of this, as you work through the sessions and participate in discussions, you can reflect on your practice with informed confidence. And as you recognise the practices you need to celebrate – and with the help you need to challenge others – you can begin to make effective changes. Changes that will help improve your children’s experiences with you.

All the sessions within Nurturing Learning Children also have complementing sessions available for your parents. Allowing you to work together, as you develop the potential of every child.

Introduction to Nurturing Learning Children – Ongoing CPD

Nurturing Learning Children – Course Information

Nurturing Learning Children – Ongoing CPD consists of 5 sessions, each of which should take around an hour to complete. These sessions, together with the activities and discussion opportunities, work well as a series of 1 hour evening sessions. Alternatively, you may choose to do them together across several full days of training. 

  1. Supporting children’s learning
  2. Nurturing lifelong learning with babies
  3. Embedding lifelong learning with toddlers
  4. Supporting lifelong learning in the years before school
  5. ‘School readiness’ – what it should be all about

Underpinned by DfE Professional Development Standards

Within the Nurturing Childhoods structure of Knowledge, Understanding and Support, you will gain evidence and expertise from a range of fields. You will also have activities to work through, and questions that challenge your current thinking. This also means that as you collaborate, reflect and revisit, you have the support of trusted experts, alongside the personal knowledge of your setting. Giving you everything you need to effect lasting change.

Certificate of Attendance
  • Professional development should be –
    • Focused on improving and evaluating children’s outcomes.
    • Underpinned by robust evidence and expertise
    • Include collaboration and expert challenge
    • Sustained over time
    • Prioritised by the leadership team

Ready for more?

If you have enjoyed Nurturing Learning Children, please check out the other Ongoing CPD courses in this range; Nurturing Children, Nurturing Secure Children and Nurturing Happy Children. All of which complement the process of becoming a Nurturing Childhoods Accredited setting.

Want to take your practice further?

Would you like to get further recognition for the reflective practices and targeted improvements that you and your team are putting in place? This Ongoing CPD course is a great introduction to the Nurturing Childhoods Accreditation. And with discounts available once you have completed Nurturing Learning Children, start your journey towards becoming a Nurturing Childhoods Setting today.

So, when you are ready to embark on the setting wide Accreditation, upgrade your course and begin celebrating the structured reflections and changes to practice that you are making. With personalised action plans to drive improvements throughout the setting, handouts to support communication with your parents, and certificates for completion, you will have all you need to make a recognised difference in your setting. And as the only accreditation with accompanying materials and courses for your parents, together, we can develop the potential of every child – today.

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