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Learning to Read

Learning to Read is a CPD Booster session. These shorter sessions are designed to offer you some quick inspiration. Or targeted support in a specific area of your practice. 

In this session then we will be looking at Learning to Read.  And getting to know the difference you can make to children’s later ability – and enjoyment of this really tricky skill. 

Looking at letters in ways that mean something to young children

We will be looking at reading as more than a process of decoding symbols on a page. We will see it as an enriching process of communication. A way of opening up children’s minds and imagination to fantastical places. That offers them every source of information and inspires them in endless ways.

Learning to Read

We will be challenging some common practices around early introductions to reading. And addressing some of the concerns your parents may be having. 

Introduction to the session

While at the same time, acknowledging and celebrating the huge difference that you have on children’s approach to their reading. And all from their earliest experiences with you.

Underpinned by DfE Professional Development Standards

Each session is structured to offer you the knowledge, understanding and support you need to re-examine your practice with confidence.  With activities for you to work through, and questions to challenge your current thinking, it will help you to reflect.

Certificate of Attendance

As you work through the sessions and participate in discussions, you will identify the practices you need to celebrate. And gain the help you need to challenge others.  

Ready for more?

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If you would like to consider practice a little deeper with some setting wide reflection and development, check out School Readiness… or Lifelong Learning. Here we will look at nurturing the features of learning in all our children – from birth – as we offer them the best start to all their tomorrows.

Or embark on a setting wide Accreditation and become a Nurturing Childhood setting. The only accreditation with accompanying materials and courses for your parents.

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