Getting Mathematical

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Numeracy in the early years

Getting Mathematical is a CPD Booster session.

Getting Mathematical

In this session we will be looking at what it means to “Get mathematical” in the early years.

A big part of being human is our capacity to understand symbolic figures and conceptual mathematics. 

Animals communicate, they use tools and problem solve, but they cannot do symbolic manipulation. 

If this is so important to us, why do so many grow up to be put off the whole idea? 

In this session we will be de-mystifying some of the concerns around what maths means in the early years. And the experiences we can offer that will make all the difference.

Introduction to the session

We will look at the foundational pillars of mathematical thinking that you can easily embed throughout your setting. And how this is introduced at every age. We will look at ways of playing with maths, and offering children the experiences that will make all the difference. Both to their later understanding of mathematical concepts and their abstract thought. 

Underpinned by DfE Professional Development Standards

Each session is structured to offer you the knowledge, understanding and support you need to re-examine your practice with confidence.  With activities for you to work through, and questions to challenge your current thinking, it will help you to reflect.

Certificate of Attendance

As you work through the sessions and participate in discussions, you will come to realise the practices you need to celebrate – and gain the help you need to challenge others.  

Ready for more?

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