Creating Nurturing Childhoods

Creating Nurturing Childhoods

Offering key adults within every child’s life the knowledge, understanding and support required to nurture their full potential.


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Dr Kathryn Peckham Dr Kathryn Peckham Author

You can start the day armed with qualifications, curriculum guidelines, supporting documents, online resources and experience. And yet with well-intentioned advice coming at you from every angle, it can be difficult to know who to turn to for trusted guidance. But every day sees you making decisions for the children in your care.

The first level of the Nurturing Childhood Accreditation will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and support you need to make these decisions. Through reflective practice and targeted actions you will create the environments you need. You will learn the importance of the little things you do. And you will learn how to communicate all of this to your families.  

Creating reflective practice

Through this first level of accreditation you will learn to understand children from the inside out. You will develop reflective practices that allow you to consider your practice and make effective changes. You will learn the importance of deep-rooted play and the long-term impact it has on children’s entire body. You will understand the importance of early communication and its impact on children’s minds and developing skills. And you will be supported in offering physical activity in ways that affect every aspect of children’s development, self-esteem and well-being.

Creating the Secure Child

Together we will look at understanding children’s emotions as we look at how and why children’s emotions are developing. We will explore the purpose they serve and how you can best support them.  We will then look at how you can support children to understand and manage their own emotions before looking at how this influences their behaviours and what you can do about it. Supporting children to develop emotional intelligence, as you help them to think and feel without negative consequences. And to understand their behaviours as you help them learn to manage them.

Creating the Happy Child

We will explore children’s well-being, as we consider how they establish a sense of competence, confidence and worthiness. We will look at how we can help them to manage their environments and personal goals as they develop a sense of personal power, self-esteem and resilience. Supporting children in this process through the opportunities, engagements and interactions we offer them. And we will explore the social skills children need to develop, the importance of communication and its impact on the person they become.

Creating the Learning Child

In Creating Nurturing Childhoods we will look at the difference between learning and education. We will look at the impact this difference has on children’s engagement, and use this to help refocus everyone’s attention on the early years. We will explore how important early learning is to later learning. And we will gain an understanding of how our actions in the early years promote children’s abilities when learning becomes more complex in the years to come. Using this to focus children’s experiences back where they belong.

By the end of Creating Nurturing Childhoods

After 12 interactive training sessions, spread over the course of a year you will have gained knowledge and understanding across a range of issues impacting children’s growth and development. And you will have been supported to collaborate as you challenge and develop your ideas.

You will have been given opportunity to write well-considered action plans that, when developed over time, will lead to direct impact on children’s experiences. Underpinned by robust evidence and expertise, these sessions will give you the confidence to share this knowledge and understanding with your families and demonstrate your progress to any external visitor.

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