Second Time Around

These talks are ideal if you are a parent already but want to be far more informed this time around, ready to do the small things that make the big differences.  While no two children are the same, you will learn that they are not that different either.  A parent already, you be familiar with behaviours, but you will learn about the emotions that are driving them.  And you will learn why things may have been difficult before.  You will learn about the simple changes you can make to have a deep impact on their growth and development.  And you will learn how to do it all with confidence, secure in your own knowledge.

The talks are delivered to you in 30-minute sessions that you can watch and listen to at a time that suits you, ideal for a busy parent.  Following the same format, each session will help you to know and understand all you need to before offering you the support you need.

Through this informed advice you know you can trust, you will learn simple steps and techniques that you can easily put in place.  You will learn how to make the decisions that are right for you, your children and your family.  As a parent already but wanting to be far more informed, you will gain a deeper understanding of your children.  And as you learn how to raise them to be happy, confident and secure, they will be ready to face everything their futures hold.