Parenting older children

These talks are ideal if you are parenting an older child.  Parenting our older children brings with it many new difficulties.  And many of the same ones only slightly disguised.  You will see as your child gets older, that huge changes are going on inside them.  Through these talks we will then look to understand the nature of these changes.  Realising how the battles you are fighting today are not that different to the ones you survived years ago.

Together, we will then look at your child’s behaviours and the emotions that trigger them.  As we consider the changes you are seeing, I will help you understand the child they have become.  We will then support their growing worries around friendships, schoolwork and fitting in.  With realistic expectations of what they can manage, we will also look at how small changes to how you speak and act can make a big difference.   And you will learn how to do it all with confidence, secure in your own knowledge.

Delivered to you in 30-minute sessions, you can watch and listen to these talks at a time that suits you – ideal for a busy parent.  They then  all follow the same format, helping you to know and understand all you need to before offering you the trusted and informed support you need.

You will learn how to make decisions that are right for you, and your family when parenting an older child.  Raising happy, confident and secure children, ready to face every obstacle and opportunity their futures may hold.