What every parent needs to know

Baby sign language

One of the ways you can support your child’s early methods of communication is through baby sign language. By taking the complexities of speech away, Baby Sign offers your child a way of being understood while leaving their mental resources available to concentrate on the message they are trying to communicate.

Valuing an Unhurried Childhood

Although it is good to encourage and enrich your child’s development in reading, math, or creativity, there is something lost if we push beyond “supporting” to “hurrying”. Children need their childhood to progress at their own pace, mastering things when they are ready, and with the time they need to really explore. Read on to make sure you value your child’s unhurried childhood.

Making the right decisions for your child

Making the right decisions for your child is something we all need some guidance on from time to time. Subtle differences in your approach could have your child surrounded by criticism or put downs.  Or filled with the belief that they are capable of anything.  So, read on to learn how you can make the right decisions for your child, your family and you.

What kind of parent do you want to be?

In my work I am seeing more and more adults who seem to have lost the art of play, coming to me unsure of how to act, their role within the play, or concerned for when things did not go as expected. While no child needs to be taught how to play – they will make fun with the most limited of means – they do need permission. And they need adults who understand its importance

Best resources, toys and games to buy

Your child was a growing, learning, developing bundle of possibility from before they are born. And they are learning from every experience their environment is offering them. So, it is understandable that you will want to support this growth and development with the best resources, toys and games that you can buy. And there will be no end of companies out there that are all too eager to help you do so. However, I urge a voice of reason here.