Nurturing Childhoods Blog

Children are born eager to learn, wanting to understand everything they can about the world around them. But to keep this deep-felt curiosity within them they need to have experiences of their own rewarding investigations. You can nurture these instincts in your child by supporting these natural curiosities.

Nurturing Children to be brave

To take advantage of every opportunity, children need to be able to take part and get involved. But in changing environments, with different people this takes both courage and confidence. When you can promote a confident sense of belonging in your child, you will see them engage more readily and gain so much more from the experience.

what influences self-esteem

Caring for children within our incredibly busy, ever-changing lives, is rarely easy at the best of times. Our own exhaustion and stress can add to the invisible pressures placed on our families, especially if we try to live up to some social media representation of perfection. But when we can understand the influences on our children's self-esteem, we are far better placed to nurture it.

encouraging early learning

Your child will be experience everything new as fascinating, from the moment they are born. From a new face, to feeling the breeze on their cheek for the first time. From every expensive new toy to (more likely) the box it came in. So, within an array of possibilities, what should you be offering to stimulate your growing baby?