Best resources, toys and games to buy

Your child was a growing, learning, developing bundle of possibility from before they are born.  So it is understandable that you will want to support this growth and development with the best resources, toys and games that you can buy.  And there will be no end of companies out there that are all too eager to help you do so.   However, I urge a voice of reason here.

Your child is learning from every experience their environment is offering them

As we embark on this session that looks at the best resources, toys, and games for your child, we will consider the growth and development that is going on.  It is all too easy to be swept into the latest fad, purchasing the hottest must have toy or the essential resource that is guaranteed to transform your child into the next Einstein, Mozart or Picasso.

There are key experiences they need and important resources that will support them

But before spending the cash, this session will help you to consider what your child’s body and mind is actually doing at this stage. We will consider what will support this growth and development. And whether the shiny new toy is likely to aid this development, be quickly discarded or detract their attention away.

This session is taken from our course: What Every Parent Should Know

Dr Kathryn Peckham is an Early Childhood Consultant, author and researcher and the founder of Nurturing Childhoods.  Providing all the knowledge, understanding and support you need to nurture your growing child.


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