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This Accessibility Policy was last updated on 4h May, 2023.

Nurturing Childhoods believe that this site should be accessible to everyone and has been developed to be compliant with World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Accessibility Guidelines.  We continuously strive to improve and review accessibility. If you have any ideas or comments on accessibility, please Get in touch.

Although some websites still feature text resizing options, all modern browsers have this feature built in. Learning how to do this in your browser, rather than with a tool specific to this website, means that you will be able to do this on any website you visit. What follows is a summary of how to adjust text size in the most popular web browsers.

If you are finding it difficult to read some text when viewing a website, you can resize the text up and down to suit your needs. However, by default web browsers – for example Internet Explorer and Firefox – do not make it obvious that you can do this; effectively they hide these useful controls.

Using Internet Explorer, otherwise known as IE, you can change the font size by selecting the View menu item and then selecting the Text Size option – you have 5 size settings to pick from. This is useful to know and once you select this setting, it is remembered for all web sites that you visit.

A better option is to place a text resize control permanently on your toolbar. To do this, press your right mouse button on the toolbar area to bring up the contextual menu and choose ‘Customise’. A list of available toolbar buttons appears on the left. Scroll down to the Text icon and then select ‘Add’. You can also change the display of the icons while you’re hear, just in case you find the toolbar icons a little small too. Once you hit the close button, you’ll see a Text Size control there, making it much easier to change the size.

If you are using IE 7 or IE 8, the process is much the same – right click on the toolbar, but you need to select ‘Customise Command Bar’ then ‘Add or Remove Commands’.

In Firefox, you can increase the font size in a similar way to Internet Explorer. Unlike IE, you are not limited to 5 sizes (that being two notches up and two notches down from the default).

There are other ways that you can change text size on a web page. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, simply hold down the CTRL key – or the command key if you are a Mac user – and move the scroll wheel up and down. For Firefox users, hold down the CTRL key and press the plus (+) and minus (-) keys. Finally, if you are using Internet Explorer 7, you can hold down the CTRL key and press the plus or minus keys which will zoom the whole page in and out of view.

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