Nurturing Childhoods

About Nurturing Childhoods

“Childhood is a finite period full of experiences and potential.  With every experience triggering reactions deep within your child’s developing brain, informing the person they will become.”  

Informed through current research and experience

Nurturing Childhoods is about helping parents and carers to know and understand their children.  Offering you all the support you need to effectively nurture your child through every stage of development.  

The most valuable gift you can give your child is to know the experiences they need.

And to understand how you can offer them.

Nurturing Childhoods gives you this knowledge, understanding and support.  Allowing you to guide your child’s actions, emotions and behaviours.  Starting from birth, and staying with you through the teenage years.

Through its courses, you will recognise the learning that comes from every time you engage.  Informed through current research, you will see the value within every experience.  And the potential you offer your child within every moment.  

What is more, you will begin to recognise how every decision, act and conversation impacts their development.  All through the experiences you are offering them.


Nurturing Childhoods offers you knowledge.  Learning how your child is developing and the processes their bodies and minds are going through. 

Knowing the importance of every opportunity and experience allows you to offer them more effectively.


Nurturing Childhoods offers you understanding.  Helping you see how your actions, comments and decisions are able to affect your child, now and in the future.

Once you understand what is driving your child’s actions, emotions and behaviours, you are better placed to manage them.


Nurturing Childhoods offers you support.  With advice you can trust, you will be supported throughout the years as you parent with confidence and consistency.

With every childhood experience informing who your child will become,  make the best decisions for you, your child and your family.

Kathryn is a highly acclaimed author, researcher and consultant.  She delivers seminars, workshops and keynote speeches through her consultancy and conferences all over the world.

Informed through current research and experience

Working with families, settings and schools.  Helping them to identify and celebrate the impact of effective childhood experiences. And using these as preparation for all of life’s learning, development and personal growth. 

“This was an excellent course.  Informative and really useful.”

This course has been really valuable. Thank you for being so informative.”

It opened my eyes to understanding more about children’s brains and knowing what we do has a big impact right from the beginning.

“Very clear and supportive, great advice. This was perfect, thank you!”

Dr Kathryn Peckham