Nurturing Childhoods

Nurturing Childhoods

Developing Every Child's Potential

The most valuable gift you can give a child is to know the experiences they need.

And to understand how you can offer them

Informed through current research and years of experience.  Nurturing Childhoods supports parents and settings all over the world to care for children with confidence and consistency.  Delivering support through online courses steeped in expert knowledge and experience. 

Children are born every day, making new parents the world over.  However, they come with no personalised guidebook, and rarely do as expected, or as others insist that they should.  Despite this, the experiences you give them and the decisions you make have a lifetime of impact.

The ways in which children grow, learn and develop are the same now as they have ever been, but it is our understanding of this that has come on in leaps and bounds.  

Because of this, it can be difficult to know who you can trust to gain the basic skills you need.  Or where to turn to for support you as you nurture this growth, learning and development.  

As the most influential person in your children’s early life, it is your decisions, actions and approaches that are impacting them in ways that will be felt for a lifetime. 

Nurturing Childhood

Nurturing Childhoods gives you this knowledge, understanding and support.

Developing every child’s potential from birth, and through the teenage years.


Knowledge of how your children are developing and the processes their bodies and minds are going through. 


Understanding how your actions, comments and decisions affect your children’s responses now and in the future.


Supported with advice you can trust, you can parent, care and educate with confidence and consistency.

Essential advice guiding you through all of childhood  Structured through easily navigated sessions, these courses and materials will ensure you have all the knowledge, understanding and support you need.

Continual Professional Development and Accreditation Underpinned by Department for Education Professional Development Standards, CPD designed to support reflective evaluation and progress, inline with Ofsted requirements.  

Advice, support and workshops through all phases of education With particular expertise in children’s engagement in learning, Nurturing Childhoods works internationally with settings, schools, colleges and universities.

Lecturing, training, presenting and research on a global stage.  With international recognition for research and publication, enquire now for your consultancy, conferencing, keynotes and research needs.

Dr Kathryn Peckham

"Children are predisposed to learn from the moment they are born. Instinctively engaging in multifaceted, hierarchical, cyclical and spiraling processes, more complex and important than the simple bestowing of information."