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Developing Every Child's Potential

The Nurturing Childhoods Academy

An online community and learning platform designed to help parents, teachers, and caregivers better understand and support the development of children

Nurturing Childhoods gives you the knowledge, understanding and support to develop every child's potential from birth through to the teenage years.

Children are born every day, making new parents the world over. 

However, they come with no personalised guidebook, and rarely do as expected, or as others insist that they should. 

Despite this, the experiences you give them and the decisions you make have a lifetime of impact.

Parenting Courses

Our online courses help you to know and understand your child, while supporting you to parent with confidence and consistency. 

Practitioner Courses

We can offer continual professional development (CPD) for your setting and the Nurturing Childhood Accreditation that Creates, Develops and Embeds Nurturing Childhoods in all your environments.

Our Services

Nurturing Childhoods offers you the support you need to ensure all children experience a consistent, nurtured childhood in ways that will have repercussions for generations to come.

One to one support for families

By focusing on the holistic needs of your child, rather than a specific discipline, Nurturing Childhoods supports you with all your child’s development, learning and behaviour needs. 

Advice, support and workshops through all phases of education

With particular expertise in children’s engagement in learning, Nurturing Childhoods works internationally with settings, schools, colleges and universities.

Lecturing, training, presenting and research on a global stage. 

With international recognition for research and publication, enquire now for your consultancy, conferencing, keynotes and research needs.

Learn more about Dr Kathryn Peckham

Nurturing Childhoods is informed through current research and years of experience. 
The aim of my work is to support parents and settings all over the world to care for children with confidence and consistency. Nurturing Childhoods delivers support through online courses steeped in expert knowledge and experience.

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Nurturing risk management with your toddler

Nurturing risk management with your toddler sounds scary when you want to wrap them in cotton wool. But this is doing them no favours. These first years of your child’s life will see them develop their basic brain architecture and they need a wide range of experiences to do this. Taking risks and pushing themselves is a vital part of this process.

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Feelings – the bodies motivators

To understand your child’s outward displays of behaviour, you must take a step back and remind yourself of what is at the root of them – their feelings and emotions. Neither good nor bad, these motivators for the body are driving your child’s behaviours even before they don’t understand them.

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